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BullShot is designed to revolutionize the method by which beverages can be consumed. With the ability to control 200 ml in one second! There has never been a better way to drink fast!

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BullShot is the best chugging device on the market. Due to its compact nature, the device is easily portable. If you want to arrange the best prelude, party or bachelorette party, then BullShot is the salvation. Forget the traditional beer voucher; this BullShot syringe allows you to control your drink faster, without causing a messy scene. With BullShot you can lift the party to a whole new level. When it comes to parties, being able to control drinks is crucial to winning prizes. Then the new BullShot sprayer is the right one. BullShot allows you to chug 200 ml of drink, equivalent to 5 shots, in one second. If you want to spice up your parties, this is an investment you can not afford to miss. The BullShot sprayer makes it possible to consume more drinks in a shorter period of time. It’s the ultimate way to win chugge competitions. The BullShot syringe is easy to clean.

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