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BeerShot Mini is a beer syringe that is made to brew beer as quickly as possible.
With the ability to squeeze in a 0.33l in two seconds, there has never been a better way to drink fast. Unlike ordinary funnels, BeerShot runs faster, reduces the amount of foam and leads to less mess. What’s a party without BeerShot?

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What is BeerShot?

Beershot is the latest chugging device, which allows you to consume your favourite beverage as fast as a bullet. You might have used other beer bongs before, but Beershot is making the wave right now. The BeerShot is made in the form of a large syringe, but without a scary needle. BeerShot is a syringe-shaped beer bong, designed for injecting beer down your throat. The BeerShot stands as a vital party supply as it adds style and fun in your campus party and elevates chugging to a whole new level. Compared to its counterparts, this beer syringe comes at an affordable price.

What is a party without any form of excitement and side attractions such as a beer chugging competition? We can all agree that drinking without any spectacular view and without a mix of something crazy, is one boring adventure. And if you think you are the greatest drinker of all time, have you tried chugging 0.3l beer in just 2 seconds? BeerShot is suitable for every type of party. Ranging from indoor parties, tailgate parties, picnics, beach parties, garden parties, pool parties, festivals and other kinds of parties that might come to mind. With a BeerShot in your hand, you are going to be the center of attraction!

BeerShot vs Beer Bong

Typical beer bongs are made of a funnel and a tube with a valve. The beer is filled into the funnel and goes down into the mouth through the funnel. Most of the time it requires another person to hold the funnel in place while you chug your beer. These disadvantages have been eliminated by the innovation, BeerShot beer syringe, which not only prevents spillage of your drink but also eliminates foam. The BeerShot offers speed and accuracy. You do not need any other person to help you chug your beer. Just look for a static surface and press the end of the syringe against it, and you can consume about 0.3 liters of beer in as little as 2 seconds. You can also use one hand and press the piston towards yourself, while holding the trunk with the other hand.

While there are bigger bongs of different shapes, that can give you a massive shot, you should also put into consideration the ease of storing and moving around with these devices. And remember the bigger the bong, the more significant the risk of the bong getting broken. BeerShot offers a 0.3 liter capacity of beer in a cylindrical shape, that makes this BeerShot convenient to hold in your hand and store into your bag. BeerShot is for everyone! Yeah, even a newbie can rest assured of getting it right! It does not require experience to be able to handle the BeerShot correctly.


The syringe is made up of durable materials, and you have little to worry about throwing it around to your friends.

The tube: This is the cylindrical body of the Beershot device, which houses the beer. The volume capacity of this cylinder is 330ml.
The piston: Slides inside the trunk to push the cold beer straight down your throat.
The tip or the nozzle: When the trunk is empty, the tip can be removed to refill beer inside the tube. Once filled, put tip back on nozzle and enjoy the booze. No carbonation, No Foam, No belch!

BeerShot is a brand whose primary target is giving you the best memorable experience. With BeerShot, you can enjoy every moment of your partying life. You can place your order at an affordable price with 100 percent secure payment. BeerShot also offers Free Shipping services in a well packaged sealed container. You will always get a response within 12 hours of sending an email.